Online Approvals | The Warner Bros. Photo Lab
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The Warner Bros. Photo Lab - Global Edit

As your photo production demands evolve and increase, we don’t stand still. As the first and only iOS app on the market for talent approval we are constantly innovating our platform. See how intuitive and secure talent approvals can be.

Innovative Features for Talent Approval


• The IOS Mobile App

Securely login from your computer, phone or iPad. Quickly review hi res photos, scroll, zoom, approve, kill, make comments, etc.

• In App Notifications

Improved in app notifications, @mention users, and email notifications for all changes.

• Mobile Markups

Use our iOS App or your computer to draw shapes and lines directly on any image to note change and add tech comments.


• Two Step Authentication

Add an additional layer of security to your logins with two-step verification. Two-step requires users to enter a specific code delivered via SMS/email in order to access globaledit on a new device.

• Asset Rights and Watermarking

Restrict asset permissions and downloads. Added a more dynamic watermark specific to each user’s name.

• MPAA Audited
• ISE Audited


• Library

Easily search, filter, and sort for approved images, talent options, and comments.

• Contact Sheets

Create instant PDF contact sheets for on-screen review or to be printed or emailed to anyone you choose.

• Lightboxes

Share files by adding them to a ‘virtual folder’ and emailing access to anyone with or without a globaledit account.

Let Us be your imaging resource